5 Things Your Website Might Be Missing

5 things your website might be missing

It’s the weekend! You may find yourself taking some time out to think about your business and what new ideas or methods you’re going to use to drum up sales in the next weeks or months. While you’re doing that, consider taking a good look at your website would be a great place to start.

Here are five things that you want to implement on your website to stay connected with your customers, express your brand and help turn visitors into clients.

1. Clear Calls to action

Picture this. A shopper visits your website and reads your information. They know what they do and ‘t don’t like. Now they are wondering what they will do next. Well, they should contact you right? Maybe not. Maybe they should get a quote? Maybe not. Maybe they should…. And the list goes on because there is no strong call to action.

If your site doesn’t have strong calls to action, you’re leaving a lot up to chance. A strong and clear call to action lets your audience know exactly what you want them to do next.

Here are some examples:

Online shop – “buy now and get 50% off!”
Plumber – “Book a service call today”
Newsletter – “Subscribe for weekly marketing tips”

2. Customer Reviews

Does your website have a section where you are sharing client reviews? Are you proactively asking clients to leave you reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.? If you’re not doing either of these, get started today.

Reviews are very useful for shoppers at every stage, but they’re particularly in the early stages of their shopping journey. Reviews not only have the power to influence decisions but they can strengthen your business’ credibility. Google reviews in particular have a ton of power when it comes to local searches.

You can use a plugin to embed reviews on your website or just put a link that leads to your Google business listing.


Nowadays, everyone wants to be connected with their favourite brands or businesses in some way, shape or form. Sometimes, it’s to show friends and coworkers their preferred brands. Other times, it is to find out company news. Social media gives businesses the opportunity to get in front of the target audience where their audience likes to spend their time. If you are not using any social media channels, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach new markets, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

When it comes to your business, don’t make your audience search for you on their own time. Adding social media links to your website, makes it very easy for users to connect with you on their preferred platform.


A website’s contact form is a powerful tool to make connections with your audience and potential customers. Over the years, the contact form has also become one of the worst executed parts of a website. So often people will put in a default contact form. Name, email, phone numbers, subject, message. Sure that stuff is useful but What should be put as a subject? What do you want to know in the message? Clarity is so important.

Your contact form is a lead generation tool. The best contact forms guide users into asking the right kind of questions and sending the right messages. Here are a few tips

  • only add fields that truly help you better understand the user’s request or question
  • Add fields that will help improve the custom experience or internal processes. For example: preferred method of contact, type of service requested,
  • If your form is very long try using a service like jotform or typeform to make the contact form more interactive and engaging.


  • Do you network at events and gather contact information for the people you meet or are interested in your products or services?
  • Are you constantly adding new developments to your business, products or services list?
  • Do you have a blog where you share knowledge or current information?

With a newsletter you can keep those who are interested updated and make sure they know you have new information to share, special offers or resources to share.

What are you missing?

Review your own website and see what features from this list you might be missing. These simple features can be essential to your business if you want to increase sales and brand awareness.

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