Word of mouth marketing

Why you can’t rely on word of mouth marketing

Last week I was having a conversation with a potential client. When I asked them how they were planning on marketing their services in the future they gave me an answer that I thought was downright crazy. They told me that their business won’t…
collaboration vs competition

Get More Business with Collaboration vs Competition

You already know that there are other businesses that do what you do. If you have already figured out what makes your business special and who your ideal client is then this one simple strategy will help you get more business from your ’competition’ Stop…
Time management

Lies business owners tell themselves: It’s about time

How big is your To-Do list? Do you have a list of things you are ‘planning’ to do but just can’t find the time for: New ideas or processes for your business that you want to put into action? Making it to that weekly networking…
Unique Value Proposition

What Extra Value does your business offer?

What is your unique value proposition? A lot of times we’re told to do a great job and you’ll get lots of customers or receive or see return business when that just isn’t true. Customer loyalty isn’t as easily won nowadays. Consumers…
Great Brands Don't Settle Good Enough

Great Brands Don’t Settle with Good Enough

Settling for ‘Good Enough’ It’s a trap a lot of entrepreneurs and self-starters find themselves falling into. They have grand ideas, want to build a great business and instead of ending up with something great, they end up with brands…
Market on a budgetHotspot Creative Solutions

5 Ways to Market on a Small Budget

5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Market Your Brand On A Shoestring Budget Trying to keep up with the latest marketing trends can be exhausting. We’re all familiar with the phrase “you have to spend money to make money,” but are you spending…


The new up-and-coming app for social networking that everyone is talking about! What do Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Drake and Ashton Kutcher all have in common? Aside from having a net worth of well over $100 million each, they are all members…

Networking Through a Pandemic

Shaper, Alignable, LinkedIn, BNI, Local Chamber of Commerce and What They All Mean Despite our limited face-to-face interactions, networking is now more important than ever and you need to do what you can to keep your business in the conversation. …
Specializing your services

5 Reasons to specialize your services

Let’s address the big concern first Will you lose business in other areas if you specialize your services? The answer is not necessarily. Specialization can give your business a boost, providing a focus for your brand and audience. Not…
5 things your website might be missing

5 Things Your Website Might Be Missing

It's the weekend! You may find yourself taking some time out to think about your business and what new ideas or methods you’re going to use to drum up sales in the next weeks or months. While you’re doing that, consider taking a good look…

Is your new business idea right for your audience?

Guess what? You're asking the wrong people. I'd like to start with a quick story.  A few years ago we had a client who was starting a dayhome. She had lots of experience working with children, had a really good idea about how she wanted to…
Resolutions vs Goals

Forget resolutions. Let’s talk goals!

What is the difference between goals and resolutions? First off, let’s get some clarity. A lot of people enter the New Year making the mistake of thinking resolutions and goals are the same thing when in fact those words are not interchangeable. Resolutions…
2015 Google Logo

Google’s Brand Evolution

Google has been around for 17 years now. When they first introduced themselves to the world a lot of people thought two things.. Why on earth would you name a company ‘Google’ and they won’t last long. They proved the naysayers wrong and…
Edmonton Graphic Design | Hotspot Now Hiring

We’re Hiring!

, ,
*UPDATE: The posting has been updated to a Full-Time position Taking an idea and translating it into something both visually engaging and functional is not as easy as it sounds, but as a Graphic Design Professional, you probably already know…

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