What a wild ride 2020 was! On a positive note, we were able to use some of that pandemic downtime to work on plans for the evolution of our brand and how we aim to help clients. We start today by dropping the refreshed Hotspot Logo.

A world of change

This past year we saw a lot of change in the world businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of people to learn some hard lessons. The biggest lesson being that if you want to your business to survive you need to learn how to adapt. Some businesses had no choice but to close their doors while others had to close their doors because they chose to stay in an offline world when people were staying safe at home. The business that understood early took control of what they could.

But why update the logo now?

Our logo is not our brand but that is where it all started. The previous logo had been the same since 2015. Sure there were some minor tweaks but for the majority, nothing major. The exclamation mark/letter H icon in the logo had not been tweaked since 2009 when Hotspot Creative Solutions first opened. Over the years, we had updated marketing materials, business cards, and our website but for a branding company that preaches your brand matching the evolution of the company, our logo did not really do the same. It was time for something… fresh.

What comes next is exciting!

Starting with an updated logo, I decided to review the entire brand and begin the overhaul. The new look will be more streamlined, modern, and energetic but still aim to make a statement. Over the next few months you can expect to see more changes as we slowly transition into the updated brand identity.

To our clients, followers, contacts, and family and friends, thank you for your support! Please stay tuned for some exciting new updates, branding and marketing tips, new content and tools to help you level up your business, refine your brand and crush 2021!

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