The new up-and-coming app for social networking that everyone is talking about!

What do Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Drake and Ashton Kutcher all have in common? Aside from having a net worth of well over $100 million each, they are all members of the exclusive new app: Clubhouse.  Clubhouse began in the Silicon Valley and grabbed the attention of tech aficionados and celebrities alike and is slowly making its way into the hands of “real people” or at the very least, “real people” with considerable connections and influence.  This highly exclusive app is currently invite-only, adding to its mysterious appeal and growing popularity. What exactly is Clubhouse and how can you use it to brand your business?


Simply put, Clubhouse is a live audio app.  Imagine yourself at a huge networking event in a large conference area.  Behind each closed door of the conference center is a lively discussion on a specific subject, moderated and hosted by an expert in that field.  There is a seemingly endless hallway with doorways leading to infinite topics and in certain rooms, you can come and go as you please.  In other rooms, you have to lock the door behind you.  This is, in essence, what Clubhouse is all about – lively virtual conversations mediated with experts, peers and celebrities alike.  If you are familiar with podcasting, Clubhouse is a platform for interactive podcasts, giving you the opportunity to talk back and discuss the current subject with the host and other listeners.  There are no apparent limits as far as topic choice and how in-depth on the subject you can go, however, there is one rule all users must abide by – absolutely no voice recording, making this the first exclusively live audio app of its kind.


So, if Clubhouse is an invite-only app used by the Oprah Winfrey’s of the world, are there any benefits to you as a small business owner? The short answer is yes!  If you are able to snag a coveted invite, you could benefit from many different learning opportunities, mentorship connections and because of the intimate setting, networking! Depending on the growth of the Clubhouse App, it could be hugely beneficial for your small business to gain expert status and host your own talks and discussions.  Once you are into this exclusive “Clubhouse,” the branding and growth opportunities are endless!



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