The Fascinating Science of Branding & Colour

Using Colour Psychology To Establish Your Brand Whether we are aware of it or not, a lot of marketing is done at the subliminal level.  The way colours, shapes, sounds and even smells make us feel can be used by your brand to provoke a certain…

Networking Through a Pandemic

Shaper, Alignable, LinkedIn, BNI, Local Chamber of Commerce and What They All Mean Despite our limited face-to-face interactions, networking is now more important than ever and you need to do what you can to keep your business in the conversation. …
2015 Google Logo

Google’s Brand Evolution

Google has been around for 17 years now. When they first introduced themselves to the world a lot of people thought two things.. Why on earth would you name a company ‘Google’ and they won’t last long. They proved the naysayers wrong and…
Edmonton Graphic Design | Hotspot Now Hiring

We’re Hiring!

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*UPDATE: The posting has been updated to a Full-Time position Taking an idea and translating it into something both visually engaging and functional is not as easy as it sounds, but as a Graphic Design Professional, you probably already know…
Edmonton Graphic Design | Love Your Business Sale

We’re Still Feeling The Love! Print Sale

Valentines Day may be over but we're still feeling the love. That's why for the rest of the month we're spreading the love by offering some great print specials on some of the most popular print items. Get out your latest promo and Express Your…
Edmonton Graphic Design | Social Media Connect With Your Audience

What Social Media Means To Your Business

Although 'Print' always will have a place in the world, Social Media Marketing is just plain smart if you run a business. Social networking sites can help a business gain contacts, clients, and increased public awareness of their brand and service…
Edmonton Graphic Design | Happy New Year 2012

A Brand New Year, A Brand New Look

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Wow!! What a ride 2011 was. Personally, I got a chance to really step out and meet so many people through networking and marketing groups. It's nice to talk to people who have the same goals, successes, and small business woes, as the average…