A Brand New Year, A Brand New Look

Edmonton Graphic Design | Happy New Year 2012

Wow!! What a ride 2011 was. Personally, I got a chance to really step out and meet so many people through networking and marketing groups. It’s nice to talk to people who have the same goals, successes, and small business woes, as the average business owner goes through.

Even though it’s almost February, I would encourage everyone to make a New Year’s resolution that puts them outside of their comfort zone so that they can truly challenge themselves and grow. After all, if you want more you have to DO more.

As for Hotspot, you may have noticed that we decided to celebrate 2012 by giving Hotspotcreative.ca a BRAND NEW LOOK. Overall the improvements have been made to give you a better user experience and a better Idea of what Hotspot Creative is all about, why so many more business are turning towards us for creative marketing and examples of how we can help.

We’re still working on a few final details but please leave a comment and let us know what you think and stay tuned. Over the next few days more improvements will be made.


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